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(Lecture Notes) Controversial Topics

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(Lecture Notes) The Sex Industry

The big news is that the Rhode Island Senate did indeed re-criminalize prostitution last night.

Download powerpoint  here.

Get more info about Megan on her website.

Read Nix’s blog.

Learn more about Happy Endings? – the doc we saw a clip from – by reading the blog of Tara Hurley, the director of the film.

Here are some links to various articles and blog we talked about in class:

(Lecture Notes) Sexual Dysfunction and Treatment; Consent and Assault; Laws, Morals and Sexual Behavior


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    (Lecture Notes) Kink and Beyond

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    • “Kinky: Black Sexuality and Kink.” Directed by A. Benjamin. 2008.
    • Grappleden. Naked City TV, produced by Audacia Ray. 2008.
    • Objectum Sexuality

      (Lecture Notes) Relationships and Love (plus Trans stuff)

      Download notes on relationships and love here.

      Learn more about guest speaker Amy Andre here and her film Seven Questions About Desire here.

      Download notes on trans identities.

      Learn more about the film Trans Entities – yes, it’s an adult film, don’t say I didn’t warn you

      The short about Buck Angel

      The trailer for Cruel and Unusual (click link for the film’s website)

      (Lecture Notes) Gender, Orientation, and Identity

      Guest speaker, Sinclair Sexsmith – and also check out Queereyecandy


      Marlon Rigg’s film “Tongues Untied” isn’t available online, but you can learn a bit more about it on Wikipedia. The other film of his that I mentioned but couldn’t remember the name of is “Ethnic Notions” – it’s a really intense film about race and representation in American culture.


      (Lecture Notes) The Good: Sexual Arousal, Pleasure, & Response

      Download powerpoint lecture notes here.

      Watch the May Irwin Kiss here.

      (Lecture Notes) The Bad: HIV & Other Sexually Transmitted Infections

      Download the powerpoint from the lecture here.

      And here’s the video, called Female Condoms: Demand and Distribution.

      (Lecture Notes) Knocked Up

      Click to download Dacia’s lecture notes here.

      Click to download Nicole’s notes here.

      Guest speaker: Nicole Heidbreder, birth and postpartum doula

      Here’s a link to the new Guttmacher Institute study I mentioned about withdrawal – plus a piece from the lead researcher of the study in response to blogosphere conversations about the study.


      Sarah Haskins in Target Women: Birth Control


      (Lecture Notes) The Plumbing: Anatomy and Disorders of Sexual Development

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