Course Info

Human Sexuality 120:208:B6
Rutgers University Newark
Conklin Hall 100
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6 pm – 9.30 pm
Summer 2009

Instructor: Audacia Ray, MA

Course Format: Classes will consist of lectures, discussions, guest speakers, and videos.

Course Objectives: To examine sexuality through the lenses of biology and culture. To encourage students to think critically about sexuality and gender and to question their own assumptions.

Ground Rules: Class members are free to express their personal opinions (especially in response papers) and reactions. However, hateful speech or expression of disgust will not be tolerated. Among other things, this means: don’t say “ew” when we’re discussing something not to your liking.

Course Materials: There is no text book for this course. We will utilize material in a variety of mediums and will attempt to be as green as possible (aka, read stuff on your computer and print it out only if you need to). When hard copies of handouts are needed they will be distributed in class and marked on the syllabus as handouts. All other readings and multimedia will be available online and are linked on the class blog. After each class session, information about videos along with lecture powerpoints and suggestions for further reading will be posted on the blog as well. Material will include graphic information about sexuality, bodies, and sexual functions.

Course Requirements:
1)    Papers (30% of grade) – papers are due in class OR can be emailed prior to the start of class. Papers emailed after the class in which they are due (even later that day) will be marked late. Late papers are marked down by 1 point each day they are late. All papers are graded on the thought put into them, as well as grammar and structure. You can turn in a paper that fulfills any of the below requirements for any of these dates, you just have to do all three at some point throughout the course. Response papers are meant for you to reflect on and engage with what you are reading/viewing for class. A response paper is NOT a summary paper, I already know what the piece is about! Papers should be 2 pages, double-spaced. Paper due dates are: June 4, June 18, July 2.

  • a.    Reading Response
  • b.    Video Response
  • c.    Personal Perspective

2)    Attendance and participation (40% of grade) – Although the vast majority of the course material will be accessible online, it is important that you are present in class. We will do short writing exercises at the beginning of many classes that count toward the participation grade.

3)    Final Exam (30% of grade) – The final exam is comprehensive and will include multiple question, true/false, short answer, and essay questions that will be based on readings, lectures, and supplemental materials.


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