6/9 and 6/11: Good News and Gender/Orientation

**EDIT: I’ve revised the readings for 6/11 – see below**

6/9 – The Good: Sexual Arousal, Pleasure, & Response

Personal Perspectives

6/11 – Gender, Orientation, and Identity. With guest speaker.


  • “Confessions of An Identity Junkie.” Cheryl Dobinson. Journal of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Identity, Vol. 4, No 3, 1999. (PDF)
  • Double Lives on the Down Low.” Benoit Denizet-Lewis. New York Times Magazine, August 3, 2003.
  • A Boy’s Life.” Hanna Rosin. The Atlantic, November 2008.

Personal Perspectives – required



(Lecture Notes) The Bad: HIV & Other Sexually Transmitted Infections

Download the powerpoint from the lecture here.

And here’s the video, called Female Condoms: Demand and Distribution.

(Lecture Notes) Knocked Up

Click to download Dacia’s lecture notes here.

Click to download Nicole’s notes here.

Guest speaker: Nicole Heidbreder, birth and postpartum doula

Here’s a link to the new Guttmacher Institute study I mentioned about withdrawal – plus a piece from the lead researcher of the study in response to blogosphere conversations about the study.


Sarah Haskins in Target Women: Birth Control


(Readings) 6/2 and 6/4 Knocked Up and Bad News

6/2 – Knocked Up: Reproduction, Contraception, Unplanned Pregnancy, Pregnancy & Birth. With guest speaker.


Personal Perspectives

6/4 – The Bad: HIV & Other Sexually Transmitted Infections


  • The AIDS Timeline, Avert.org
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection Risk Assessment, Scarleteen
  • “The Moral Justification for a Compulsory Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Program.” Joseph E. Balog. American Journal of Public Health, April 2009, Vol 99, No. 4 (PDF)
  • “The Criminalization of HIV.” International Planned Parent¬hood Federation (IPPF), the World AIDS Campaign (WAC), the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and Living Positively, a project of the Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS (GYCA). 2008. (PDF)
  • “Male Circumcision as an HIV Prevention Strategy in Sub-Saharan Africa.” Lawrence O. Gostin and Catherine A. Hankins. Journal of the American Medical Association, December 3, 2008—Vol 300, No. 21. (PDF)
  • “The Macro of Microbicides.” Alliance for Microbicide Development, 2008. (PDF)

Personal Perspectives

(Lecture Notes) The Plumbing: Anatomy and Disorders of Sexual Development

To download the lecture powerpoint click HERE.



(Reading for 5/28) The Plumbing: Anatomy and Disorders of Sexual Development


Personal Perspective

(Lecture Notes) I’d Hit That: A Short History of Sex and An Introduction to Studying Sexuality

Download the lecture powerpoint here.


  • Sex Research, the Video.” Slate Video, 2008. Mary Roach, author of the new book Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex, relates how she and her husband became the first couple to be filmed on 4-D ultrasound while having sex. 3 min 21 seconds.
  • Naked on the Inside.” Directed by Kim Farrant. Magic Real Picture Company, 2008. This fresh and unnerving feature-length documentary asks a simple, but audacious, question: Beyond our clothes and skin, who are we? Six extra-ordinary people from around the world reveal their bodies and share their secrets in a unique experiment in search of their inner selves. 82 mins.